Jabiru 3300 for sale

The Jabiru cc Aircraft Engine is a 4-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine. The Jabiru cc Aircraft Engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine.

Jabiru engines are designed to be manufactured in small batch quantities using the very latest Computer Numerically Controlled CNC machine tools. Majority of the components are machined in Southern Queensland in a network of small companies. The crankshaft is forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel, the journals of which are precision ground prior to being Magna flux inspected. The crankshaft is designed with a double bearing at the propeller flange end and a main bearing between each big end.

It therefore does not have flying webs. Thrust bearings are located for and aft of the front double bearing allowing either tractor or pusher installation. The propeller is directly crankshaft driven and does not use a reduction gearbox. This facilitates its light-weight design and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. The crankshaft features a removable propeller flange which enables the easy replacement of the front crankshaft seal and provides for a propeller shaft extension to be fitted, should this be required for particular applications.

Cylinder heads are cast aluminium and screwed to aluminium cylinders to form a one piece assembly.

Jabiru 3300 For Sale

There are no cylinder head bolts that are needed to be re-torqued which reduces maintenance. The cylinder barrels are electrolytically coated with silicone carbide ceramic in a nickel matrix. This material is very hard wearing and has low friction qualities. The aluminium cylinders have a high heat dissipation rate which is 3 times the rate of the previous steel barrels.

Also the aluminium cylinder bores are non-corrosive.

Jabiru Aircraft Engines – 4th Generation

Con rods are forged from alloy steel, the 45mm big end bearings are of the automotive slipper type and easily replaced.

An integral alternator using rare earth magnets, provides alternating current for battery charging and electrical accessory drive.

Jabiru 3300 s/n 33A1244

The alternator is attached to the flywheel and is driven directly by the crankshaft. The ignition system is a transistorised electronic system; two fixed coils mounted adjacent to the flywheel are energised by rare earth magnets attached to the flywheel.

The passing of the coils by the magnets creates the high voltage current which is then transported by high tension leads to the centre post of two automotive type distributors which are simply rotors and caps before distribution to automotive spark plugs, two in the top of each cylinder head.

The ignition system is fixed timing and, therefore, removes the need for timing adjustment.Current Annual not due until March next year. Upgrading to four seats, airframe hrs, New 0hr Camit engine installed with new engine mounts engine now at hrs.

Full pumpkin head canvas cabin and prop covers. Larger tires fitted. TASkts rpm Climbs fpm one up fpm two up 65lts 3.

Call Beau. Just for sale my Drifter ultralight aircraft, This aircraft has been look after always hangered Skins in good condition engine Jabiru 2. Contact Michael. NOTE: If you can still see this advertisement then the item is still for sale.

Up for grabs is my Jabiru 6 with solid lifter engine. ONLY hrs on airframe and engine with a recent hourly done. Always hangered and a delightful aircraft to fly.

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jabiru 3300 for sale

Search alert. Price Minimum Price. Maximum Price. Price Type Fixed Price 4 Negotiable 1. Condition Used 5. Offer Type Offering 5. Most recent. Gold Coast North Hope Island.In yet another example of invention shooting out of Mother Necessity, Jabiru started as an airplane company and quickly found that the engine choices in the circahp class were limited to practically one. And then that manufacturer stopped making the engine.

So Jabiru designer Rodney Stiff began work on replacement. So he can build an engine of pretty much any configuration: inline, V, opposed, W, X … so many possibilities. And yet the clean-sheet Jabiru arrived into this world in as an air-cooled, opposed-piston, flat engine with a single, central crankshaft bolted directly to the propeller, a single central camshaft that operates two valves per cylinder through pushrods and rocker arms, and many other similarities to our supposedly outdated certified engines.

In fact, you could see the Jabiru as the new product of an existing engine company leveraging its knowledge of traditional designs, only making the engine smaller and lighter.

Well, how about that?

jabiru 3300 for sale

This became the Jabiru That 3. More on that further down. The company has put that engine on the back burner as it concentrates on the smaller mills. Take the top off any Jabiru-powered airplane and prepare to be dazzled. The Jabiru glistens in beautifully CNC-machined series aluminum. The jauntily cut cylinder heads — separate pieces from the steel-lined barrels, presumably easing valve work in the field — expose a pair of automotive-style spark plugs, side by side.

The induction and exhaust systems are neatly tucked underneath. Being air cooled, though, a clean inlet flow and appropriately valued exit area remain important. Once your gaze has wandered from the machined cylinders, they alight upon the fully CNC-machined cases. The support structure is internal, so no bumps and lumps, nor do you see the typically grotty casting quality evident on your typical Lyconental.

If finish alone sold engines, the Jabiru would be flying off the shelves. Look further. Notice how the cylinders are staggered side to side? But the exaggerated offset is real, the result of a five-main-bearing design for the four-cylinder and a seven-main design for the six.

So a four-cylinder Lycoming, for example, has but three main bearings, albeit very large ones, particularly the massive bearing between the prop flange and the first set of cylinders. These bearing shells are, like several parts of the engine, automotive in origin. Jabiru uses a removable prop flange so that replacement of the crank nose seal — a fairly ugly job on a traditional flat engine — is quite easy. Nice touch. This feature, along with the solid crankshaft, means a fixed-pitch prop or an electrically adjustable one at best.

Back to the crank design. In theory, more main bearings the better, but there is a slight weight penalty and a supposed internal drag penalty as well. For themaximum power comes at a lofty rpm, while maximum-continuous is rpm. Thanks to the mm stroke 2. A Continental O has a 3. Your IO is whipping along at fpm at takeoff and fpm at a leisurely rpm cruise setting. The valvetrain is similarly conservative, with a single, underslung camshaft, two valves in each cylinder and simple screw-and-locknut adjustments in the heads.

Many of the valvetrain components come from Honda, while the pistons are modified Australian-market GM pieces the modification is to add a piston pin circlip to keep the pin from riding out and scoring the bore.Alpi Airframe. Control Parts. Fuel Systems. Dowel Pins. Hex Bolts M10 M6 M8. Nuts M8. Auto Pilot.

Jabiru 2200cc Aircraft Engine

Cableware Push Pull Control. De-Ice Equip. Engines Continental Franklin Lycoming Sauer. Towing Handles. Covering Tools. Doping Brushes. Drainage Eyelets. Fabric Repair Kits. Fitch Brushes. Reinforcing Tape. Rib Tape. Clevis Pins.

Pipe Fittings. Safety Clips. Shear Pins. Split Pins. Taper Pins. Cowl Fasteners. Socket Button Head Screws Stainless. STD Parts. Nuts M5 M6 M8. Screws M3 M4. Washers MSport Aircraft Engines. The Jabiru is a six-cylinder direct-drive air-cooled aircraft engine from Jabiru Aircraft Pty. Predicted Performance Points: hp rpm hp rpm hp rpm 93 hp rpm 90 hp rpm 80 hp rpm. The oil sump is only cast part. No points! No battery power required for operation. Spark plugs are NGK and commonly available.

Warranty: One year from delivery. Delayed warranty start available on request. The complete firewall-forward packages, developed and supported by Jabiru USA, include everything you need to install the engine in your aircraft. The complete firewall-forward package is available directly through Zenith Aircraft Company, and can be shipped with the airframe kit or at a later date.

For more information about the Jabiru engine:. Contact Zenith Aircraft Company directly for pricing and availability information. The complete firewall forward package is available from Zenith Aircraft Co. Since the Jabiru engine is imported from Australia prices fluctuate on a regular basis due to currency exchange.

jabiru 3300 for sale

The above resources are provided for informational purposes only. Alternative engines will affect performance, specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft. Also, the weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by alternative engines, and the original fuel system may not be adequate or suitable for some engines.

Most alternative engines will require a custom engine mount and engine cowl. Zenith Aircraft Company does not manufacture or directly support engines installed in kit aircraft. Aero : Online community for active Zenith builders, owners and pilots. Displacement: cc. Bore: Stroke: 74 mm. Compression: 8. The purpose of the seminar was to train those aircraft builders that have purchased Jabiru engines how to properly install their firewall forward components.

Click here for more info and to order a copy. Predicted Performance Points:.Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Brad DeMeo here. I will call you. I am upgrading my xl and am interested in the engine. I bought a quick build kit that needs the upgrade. It has the 4 rib wings. Would your center spar box work for me? I'm interested in it.

jabiru 3300 for sale

Wow, I've been unusually busy, so sorry for any delayed responses I owe quite a few email responses, I'll try to catch up this weekend Tim, the center spar box is match drilled to the spars at the main attach bolts. I think your options would be to just upgrade yours or replace the spar and carry through as a set. I'm pretty sure just upgrading yours would be easier.

Sign Up or Sign In. Zenith Planes For Sale. Classified listing for buying or selling your Zenith building or flying related stuff Pre-cut panel, power distribution panel, Approach Fast Stack harnesses, Dynon and Garmin avionics, and more. Zenair Floats. Developed specifically for Zenith builders by a builder these videos on DVD are a great help in building your own kit plane by providing practical hands-on construction information.

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Pilots of America. Jabiru, Good, Bad, Ugly. Hi everyone. Thank you. I've had my J for 8 years. No issues other than the same stuff with Lycomings I had before.

Not sure what you're real question is. J-Bird engines got a bad rap for allegedly overheating. In most cases, it was improper installation of cooling ducts on homebuilts.

I've had no issues on the J-Birds and Lightnings I've flown. ShepherdOct 3, Thank you for the feedback. Some things that most people seem to agree with, and I would not expect, are Hr mandatory Head work, 25hr head bolts check, not useful in days 0ver 90F? We really wanted a used Kitfox that already had a Jabiru installed.

Since I could not find any positive long term reports, I posted in the Jabiru forum if anybody ever made to to TBO without significant repairs other than the scheduled maintenance, including the mandatory top overhaul at 1, hours. For comparison, the Rotax forum is full of reports of engines which made it way beyond TBO without even ever being opened.

People seem to be very happy with Jabiru engines - until they fail. We therefore walked away from the Kitfox, despite of their claims that they have no finally fixed all issues, what seems to be only partially true. When we started building our Zenith, I became interested in Jabiru again and the US importer was very friendly and convincing. I then however learned that they just introduced a new engine generation AND moved the production from an external supplier to in house.

Considering their history, we again decided against the Jabiru. Edited for clarification. Last edited: Oct 6,

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