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It's hard to imagine a world without bicycles, but our favorite way to get around and raise our heart rate is a relatively recent invention: The bicycle celebrated its th birthday this summer. When Baron Karl Freiherr von Drais of Germany piloted a curious wooden contraption supported by two wheels, he both introduced the world to the first iteration of the bicycle and set in motion a transportation revolution that is still rocking the world years later.

Drais tested his Laufmaschine German for 'running machine' on a 4. Covering that distance aboard what amounts to an adult balance bike is in itself a brag-worthy feat, but his successful maiden voyage did more than prove his ability as an inventor.

The Laufmaschine later eponymously labeled the draisine was allegedly a direct response to the growing cost of keeping horses for transportation. In creating a vehicle that not only covered distances at speeds equal than or greater horse-drawn carriages, and that also didn't need to be fed, the baron made it possible for more people to travel long distances, more easily. In celebration of the baron's gift to the world, we've compiled a list of the 25 most influential bikes of the past years.

If not for the bike, we wouldn't have an excuse to do these nine great things:. In the s in Paris, Pierre Michaux worked to develop the two-wheeled, front-drive velocipede, attaching cranks and pedals to the front wheel to create the first pedal-driven bicycle. The craze was short-lived, though, as the velocipede was cumbersome and required great strength and coordination to both steer, pedal, and balance. An enthusiasm for racing led to innovations for a faster bicycle.

The revolutionary use of wire spokes allowed for lighter, larger wheels, making possible the high-wheel bicycle, constructed atop one large front wheel and one smaller rear wheel. Its height made it difficult for riders to mount and dismount; the high center of gravity made balance challenging; and the large wheel was vulnerable to roots and stones in the road, shaking the entire bicycle and threatening to catapult the rider forward with each bump.

Inspired by imported Ariels— English penny farthings with tangent spokes and steps that made them easier to mount—Colonel Albert Augustus Pope sought to create an all-American high-wheeler and mass-produce it by the thousand. ByPope Manufacturing Company had transformed cycling in the US, selling thousands of bicycles a year and inspiring organized racing.

Harry Lawson was a British bicycle designer who developed several types of bikes during the s. He created the first safety bicycle with a chain-driven rear wheel.

In an effort to make bicycling accessible to more would-be riders, John Kemp Starley—the same man behind the Ariel penny farthing—created the Rover in in Coventry, England.

Without the high-wheel, riders were able to sit much lower and more comfortably atop the frame. To prove that the Rover was not only safer than the high-wheelers but faster, too, Starley organized a Rover race in which a number or riders beat the record time for a mile ride.

The first bike had wooden wheels, and its earliest followers sported iron rims and hard rubber tires. These solid materials made cycling a jarring, uncomfortable experience. The change was such an improvement in both comfort and speed that the inflatable tire became the industry standard by the early s.

Before the Wright Brothers built their famous airplane, they built bicycles.The majority of the links on this site are affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases. Shopping for a new bike for your child can be confusing. One of the best things you can do is to familiarize yourself with the best kids bike brands. Here at Rascal Rides, we spend a lot of time reviewing specific bikes or talking about the best bikes for a certain age range, but it is even more helpful to help people get familiar with the best BRANDS for kids bikes.

In general, we prefer brands that make kids bikes exclusively. Over the last few years, more and more companies have been entering the market making bikes specifically designed and built for the youngest riders. The brands on this list make lightweight, quality bikes that are safe, enjoyable, and will get your kids stoked on biking. Note : There are some mountain bikes on this list, but if you are looking for mountain bikes specifically, check out our list of the best kids mountain bike brands instead.

Woom makes our favorite kids bikes, hands down. Why do we recommend them so highly? First off, they are the lightest weight bikes around. A lightweight bike makes an enormous difference in how well your child is going to do.

Secondly, Woom has put a huge amount of thought into the design of their bikes.

25 of the Most Influential Bicycles of All Time

From the kids-specific geometry of their frames, custom components, and color-coded brake levers—everything has been agonized over and perfected for young riders. Woom bikes are also in high demand on the used market, and their high-quality allows them to be handed down from child to child. Or if you prefer, Woom offers a Trade-In program when your child is ready to move up to the next size.

The unique and beautiful steel frames, top-shelf components, and durable design set these bikes apart. Whatever kind of riding your family does, and however old your child is, Prevelo has a bike for you. Their Alpha line of bikes is ideal for around-town and paved riding, while the Zulu line offers some of the best pint-sized mountain bikes on the market. We appreciate Prevelo for their child-specific geometry, custom cranks, and top-shelf components.

Like Woom, Prevelo also offers a trade-up program that can help make your initial investment a little less painful. Frog is a U. Even their balance bike, the Tadpole, comes in three different sizes.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site.

After bidding on my first vintage bike on eBay, this beautiful Elgin bicycleI was hooked. These vintage items can be rare or difficult to find, but they are beautiful, interesting, valuable and sure to pique your interest when you delve into the world of vintage and classic bicycles.

American Vintage bicycles are beautiful and romantic. They are an example of fine engineering, beautiful design, and amazing craftsmanship. In addition, many bicycles, particularly those considered to be antique, were made by hand. This type of craftsmanship is nearly impossible to find today.

Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you have a vintage bicycle for sale? Do you know who invented the bicycle?

What do you know about Columbia bicycles? What do you know about the history of bicycles? Bicycle History — Collecting vintage bicycles may be costly but their worth is priceless. Read here about the bicycle history, and about antique, vintage and classic bicycles.

American Vintage Bicycles — American vintage bicycles are some of the most hotly collected antiques and vintage items in existence. Understand whats behind current day American made bicycles.

Vintage Bicycle Manufacturers — In this section you will find valuable information about all major American vintage bicycle manufacturers and classic bicycle brands. Get to know them before you make your choice. Vintage Bicycle Parts — Vintage bicycle parts define what a vintage bicycle is really about. Learn how few unique parts are making vintage bicycles so nostalgic to many people.

Bicycle Restoration Projects — Vintage bicycle restoration is a complex task. Read this guide and learn how to repair and restore your classic bicycle. Vintage Bicycles for Sale — There are many vintage bicycles for sale, buy it is still a complex task. Read this guide and learn where and how to buy a classic bicycle. Foreign Vintage Bicycles — It goes without saying that many foreign vintage bicycles are highly collectible in their own right.

European bikes diverged from American bikes, and each type has its fans. Vintage Tricycles — Collecting vintage tricycles is a new trend. Read here about old tricycles such as the radio flyer tricycles and Schwinn tricycles. Bicycle History. Bicycle Manufacturers. American Vintage Bicycles. Foreign Vintage Bicycles.

Museum Bikes 1945 to 1965

Bicycle Restoration.What are we looking at? The steel frame is made from Reynolds tubing, brazed into fairly typical racing bike geometry. The seat tube is laid-back at a shallow angle, giving the rider good leverage to muscle around a heavy gear. This is a medium to large bike, and the size seems odd.

In this era seatposts were not intended to extend very far beyond the frame, likewise the handlebar stem is just a few inches above the top tube. The saddle is a Brooks, handmade in England. Campagnolo furnishes some of the equipment of course with their hubs, shifters, and Gran Sport derailleurs managing the ten gear choices. There is a close-ratio Stronglight Crankset on the bike, a sensible choice for flat roads, not requiring the front derailleur to perform heroics lifting the chain over a wide gear spread.

The svelte little sidepull brakes are GB Coureur Plus models. The brakes, when paired with aluminum rims featuring an excellent braking surfacestop pretty well. This bike has remained in such nice condition that we recently tuned it up and sent it back out on the road for more adventures.

In we sent it back to the motherland, New York City, where our friend Eben Weiss rode and wrote about the bike for Outside magazine in what has to be one of the most overdue product reviews ever:. It felt slow to me, but on top of hard-packed snow it just cruised. I had the chance to ride the first snow bike that Erik ever made.

That Peacock Groove bike was a hoot to ride around through the Minneapolis autumn leaves, and I understood what a game changer a bike like that would be for a cyclist who had to endure a midwest winter. Just a judgement call on our part.

Henderson of Sydney this is the Carbine related to our bike. Both brands got their name from a race horse that won the Melbourne Cup. Our Mr. Henderson eventually sold the business to Fred Walcott, an ex-racer, in about Walcott manufactured and sold Carbines from his shop on Wentworth Avenue in Sydney until At the New South Wales championship, riders aboard Carbine bicycles took all of the podium spots.

old bicycle brands

At some point in the recent past the frame got refinished and the parts got some fresh chrome plating. In the case of this Carbine, the painter was not up to the task.

old bicycle brands

The horse head badge is almost totally obscured by gobs of paint.Charles Hetzel started compiling a list of bicycle brands made in America. The list included the company that either manufactured or distributed the bicycle as well as the city, state and date the bicycle was made. Some of the brands listed were identified by bicycle name plate badges. The list has continued to grow throughout the years and now includes bicycle brands between and After the change in the Wheelmen cutoff from tothis list will gradually be expanded to cover those intermediate years.

Many of the bicycle companies used numbers to distinguish models. Starting with Number 1 and going up in some cases greater than Please note that the list does not include all the companies that used these titles to describe a brand. Note: If anyone knows of a bicycle brand that is not listed on this page and would like to contribute to this listing, please email Wheelmen Librarian Bill Smith with supporting documentation such as a photo of a name badge on or off the bicycle, or any ads from period magazines, catalogs, business directories, or newspapers, etc.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Limit results to only brand or company including: search on an empty box to see all brands. Bicycle Brands. In the early 's, The Wheelmen and member Dr. Searching for: "".

You can click on any column to resort the list by that column. Start Year. End Year. Jubilee Advertised with Dayton Bicycles.This page lists notable bicycle brands and manufacturing companies past and present. This article relates to pedal cycles. For bicycle parts, see List of bicycle part manufacturing companies.

Many bicycle brands do not manufacture their own product, but rather import and re-brand bikes manufactured by others e. There are also brands that have, at different times, been manufacturers as well as re-branders : a company with manufacturing capability may market models made by other overseas factories, while simultaneously manufacturing bicycles in-house, for example, high-end models. Only brands or manufacturers that are notable as a bicycle brand should be included.

old bicycle brands

If no page exists for the company or brand, then the page to be linked to should be created first or a reference provided as to its notability or the entry will probably be removed.

Bicycle manufacturers are in many cases members of "Groups", i. Examples include the following:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

Top 25 Bike Brands

Retrieved 7 May Companies by industry. Fitness wear Lingerie Sporting goods Swimwear. Chemical Oil and gas Oil exploration and production Oilfield service Public utilities Solar thermal power. Asset management Banks international investment Hedge funds Private equity Stock exchanges Venture capital. Biotechnology Health club Pharmaceutical. Advertising technology Automation integrator Computer-aided design Computer hardware Computer systems Consumer electronics Electric-vehicle batteries Electronic design automation Enterprise search Flash memory controllers Information technology Photovoltaics Semiconductors Silicon Telecommunications.

Airlines charter defunct holding low-cost passenger regional Bus Cruise lines Ferry Railway Ship automobile freight passenger. Lists of companies.Buying a quality bicycle can be a major investment that requires a bit of research to find the make and model that best suits your needs. Some are built with versatility in mind, while others are specialized for commuting, mountain biking, triathlons and more. One way to narrow down your search is to start with a brand with a reputation for excellence, innovation, value and customer satisfaction.

New models may come and go, but these top 25 bicycle brands consistently lead the way. Raleigh is one of the oldest bike brands in the world and has an iconic place in cycling history. It also produces a wide variety of high-quality bicycles, including commuter, road and mountain bikes as well as electric and kids versions.

The brand, headquartered in Nottingham, England, was founded in and is often applauded for its commuter bikes, including the stylish Road Heritage line with classic, vintage designs.

German-engineered vehicles have reputations for quality, and Focus bicycles are no exception. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, which is also home to the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, Focus is known for its high-end mountain and road bikes made for professionals and amateur athletes alike.

Focus also has a line of electric bikes made for tackling everything from daily commutes to alpine trails. Motorcycle mechanic Jim Felt found fame in the cycling world after building new bikes for triathlon champions.

He founded his namesake company making racing bikes but has since branched out to offer a wide variety of models, builds and price points. The Felt VR series, which stands for variable road, makes for a great starting road bike. The brand continues to innovate with developments in suspension, shock and aerodynamics. Today, Trek is a major bicycle brand, but this American brand has humble origins.

The company started over beers inand its two founders kicked off production in a red Wisconsin barn. High-end Italian bicycle manufacturer Pinarello is best known for its road bikes, though it also produces cyclocross, track, mountain and city bikes. Pinarello bikes have been ridden by a number of top pro cycling teams and have been used to win many top prizes.

Seven of the last nine Tour de France winners have ridden Pinarello bikes, with Egan Bernal claiming the top prize in atop his Pinarello Dogma F Because of its pedigree, Eddy Merckx is one of the most prestigious bicycle brands. The company was purchased in by fellow Belgian bike brand Ridley but continues to produce steel racing bikes as well as road and gravel models. BMC, which stands for Bike Manufacturing Company, is a Swiss performance bicycle brand that makes bikes for all terrains with a focus on speed and endurance.

Its bikes have been used to win Tour de Frances and Ironman Championships. Along with track and triathlon bikes, it also offers gravel and hybrid options. Giant is one of the best budget bike brands for those investing in their first bike or branching into a different model for the first time.

Its road, mountain and hybrid bikes have comfortable, versatile designs and features. Giant has had a hand in popularizing technological advances in cycling, and the company controls its entire production process in-house. GT is one of the most famous and respected American bike brands. The brand has also branched out into more affordable and accessible bikes for fitness buffs, commuters, women and kids.

They make reliable fitnessgravel, mountain and commuter bikes and more. Cannondale started in above a pickle factory with cycle apparel and accessories and introduced its first touring bike in The company was created in by two engineers who worked to develop aerodynamic time-trial bicycles. The bikes are especially coveted by road racers and triathletes.

The company currently makes four series of road bikes, the R series, S series, P series and C series. Bianchi created technologies such as Countervail, which is an integrated vibration canceling system for cycling.

Its road bikes are popular among cyclists but Bianchi also offers e-bikes, touring bikes, city bikes and more. Founded by the Jamis family in New Jersey inJamis Bikes first began importing European and Asian bicycles before introducing its own bikes, beginning with its Earth Cruiser in

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