Persona 4 yukiko castle boss

After clearing Former Konishi Liquorsyou will return to the real world. Allow the story to play out until you return home. When you're ready to move on to the next day, head to your room and watch TV. That night, you will return to The Velvet Room. The dwellers will tell you all about Social Links. If you forget about them, or need more information on how to establish some, see the Social Links page. This day is another story heavy day. The only note worthy thing is the first Social Link that will be created with Yosuke.

This is the Magician S. This day is the day you learn about Daidara Metalworks, which is the weapons shop. You can return here at later dates to sell Materials to create new WeaponsArmor and Accessories.

Yosuke will give you 5, Yen to buy new items. If you want to play it safe, buy armor before weapons. If you are playing a New Game Plusmoney you have and items at the shop will carry over. Exit out of the weapons shop to find a door to the Velvet Room. If you ever forget, it's all laid out on The Velvet Room page. This is the place to buy consumable items. Unlike Daidara, the items here won't carry over to the New Game Plus. When ready, head to Junes and enter the TV World.

The first stop is Yukiko's Castle. Go through it and face the first boss battle to continue the story. Once you return from the Shadow World, you'll get a call from Mr. Mooroka at home. Talk to Dojima to get permission to go out. Head to the Central Shopping District gas station to receive new Clothes. When school starts, the Chariot Social Link will establish with Chie.

After school, you will be able to spend time on various things.

persona 4 yukiko castle boss

You may want to spend some time there just to level up. Quests will now be available to complete after school. Many Quests don't force you to spend time making the day pass.

A reward will be given for each quest you complete. Today, Quest 01 will become available. You can also get started on the Fishing Side Quest today. Talk to a boy at the Shrine in the Central Shopping District. The boy will know everything about bugs, and he will give you one if you give him the drink he wants.This includes new characters, events, and content.

Among the most elusive is the difficult battle with the Velvet Room attendant, Margaret. Not only do you need to complete the game once and be on a New Game Plus playthrough, but you also need to fully be on the path to the True Ending. The Persona series is already known for having punishing optional boss fights against supportive characters, and Margaret is by no means an exception. Not only are the requirements to unlock the battle mysterious and meticulous, but the encounter itself will also prove to be arduous.

Margaret has many offensive attacks, healing capabilities, and other nasty tricks. There will be certain tactics to keep in mind, along with good preparation and a bit of luck.

Steamy Bathhouse

As mentioned previously, Margaret can only be fought during New Game Plus. If you are in your first playthrough, she will not issue a challenge even if you complete all other tasks. Next, you need to have already met the requirements to gain the True Ending before reaching March One of the other main requirements is entering previous dungeons and defeating secret bosses located in the final rooms.

Each one only appears after a certain date and all must be beaten before the first day of February. The bosses, locations, and dates are as follows:. In addition to this, you also need to max out the Empress Social Link. Margaret will always be in the Velvet Room, so head there to work on her Social Link. There is only a short window to do this, starting on March 3. To make this task less stressful, it is best to have the requirements in hand far in advance. This means you will often need to create a fusion Persona from others that actually have such abilities.

Here is everything needed to reach rank 10 Empress:. Now, progress along the storyline until Igor gives you the Orb of Sight. Re-enter the Velvet Room, and if all four requirements were achieved, Margaret will hand you an Aqua Invitation and challenge you to a brawl at the end of Heaven. Head there and get ready for one of the hardest fights in Persona 4 Golden.

As this is one of the hardest challenges in the game, you want to be as powerful as possible.Avenger Knight is a Shadow in the Persona series. It will later appear in Cocytus within the Abyss of Time. The Avenger Knight is first encountered on the fifth floor of Yukiko's Castle as a sub-boss that must be defeated in order to continue.

Using elemental spells is recommended along with Personas which reduce Physical damage on the protagonist. Later on, the Avenger Knight is encountered on the sixth and seventh floors as a regular enemy.

It drops Bronze Reins when defeated. As a strategy for defeating the regular Avenger Knight, simply use Hama skills. The Avenger Knight is first encountered as a sub-boss on the fifth floor of Yukiko's Castle within the Midnight Channel. It will lead off by using Tarukaja to boost its Attack power at the start of battle.

It is now weak against Fire but will attempt to cover that weakness with Red Wall. If Chie has the Skull Cracker skill, it can be used to inflict the Panic ailment on the Avenger Knight and keep it from attacking for several turns.

They may also be summoned by Positive King as long as two are present in the battle. Trying to knock down and Dizzy a Positive King will keep them from immediately casting Red Wall on the Avenger Knight after summoning it, but killing the second Positive King will cause a Secret Bambino to be summoned instead. After being defeat, Avenger Knights may drop Bronze Reins. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Persona 4 Bosses. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Normal attack using the Pierce attribute. Deals light Strike damage to one foe. Deals light Strike damage to all foes. Deals light Phys damage to 1 foe with a chance of Poison. Add Fire resistance to 1 ally for 3 turns. Darkness: low chance of instant kill, 1 foe.

Margaret - Reaper.Yukiko's Castle is a dungeon in Persona 4. It is the reality within the Midnight Channel created by Yukiko Amagi. Yukiko Amagi vanished after the Amagi Inn started getting a bad reputation from the media because of controversial TV announcer Mayumi Yamano's disappearance from the inn. The night of her interview, Yukiko appeared in the Midnight Channel dressed in princess regalia. Since the protagonist and Yosuke had entered the TV earlier, they decided to tell Chie about it.

Later, the two boys showed Chie the Midnight Channel and Teddie. Being worried about her friend's condition, Chie dashed off on her own without waiting for the other three. On the next floor, Chie encounters her other selfbut Yosuke and the Protagonist managed to defeat the Shadow. Chie accepts her other self and receives her own Persona, Tomoe Gozen.

She then succumbs to fatigue, and the party decides to rescue Yukiko later, before the fog sets in over Inaba. Continuing later on, the trio found Yukiko, or rather her other self, who aims to "score a hot stud".

Shadow Yukiko

At the top floor, they found the real Yukiko, clad in her kimono, confronting her other self. Shadow Yukiko transformed into a phoenix-like creature within a cage when Yukiko refused to accept her repressed personality. The protagonist, Yosuke and Chie defeat the Shadow, and Yukiko, with the help of her friends, accepts her other self, manifesting it as the Persona Konohana Sakuya.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Secret Bambinos are summoned by Positive King. Possibly Yukiko's Castle in Persona 4 Colors.

Persona 4. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Happiness Hand. Social Link. Midnight Channel.Shadow Yukiko is a boss in Persona 4. It is the Shadow Self of Yukiko Amagiwhich represents her feelings of pent-up anger and frustration of being trapped in Inaba. Much like all Shadow Selves pre-transformation, her appearance is identical to Yukiko, barring the golden eyes and the more sinister expressions. She also wears a bronze tiara on her head and a pink princess dress, with a white cloth wrapping around the chest area donned with a red rose in the center, pink gloves that reach her upper arms and what appear to be pink rose-like puffs holding up the bottom, revealing the white undercoating.

When transformed, she becomes a large red bird. Her head is extremely human-like, complete with her hair, and she also has breast-like extensions on her chest, where a large white heart marking covers them. Her neck also feature a few markings in various shades of pink. She mostly rests inside a large birdcage suspended from the ceiling by a chain, and looks rather ornate. A lit chandelier is also attached to the bottom of it. Shadow Yukiko manifested from Yukiko Amagi's feelings of repression.

The Shadow first appeared on the Midnight Channel as a princess-like version of the real Yukiko, excited for her hunt for her "prince charming. They encounter and defeat Shadow Chiebut the exhaustion of facing her "other self" forces them to retreat. Teddie explains there is little risk in leaving Yukiko until the fog lifts in the Midnight Channel, so they decide to return later.

After regrouping, they locate Yukiko and her other self, Shadow Yukiko. She acknowledges her dependency on Chie, calling her "a strong prince," but she has realized that Chie cannot help her leave Inaba, exaggerating her own helplessness and making fun of the entire situation. Shadow Yukiko expresses her disgust with inheriting the inn, and playfully confesses to the protagonist, Yosuke and Chie. Confused and shocked, Yukiko begs Shadow Yukiko to stop. Ignoring Yukiko's pleas, Shadow Yukiko taunts Yukiko, asking why she would want her to stop confessing her true feelings.

Shadow Yukiko exclaims that she is Yukiko, and is merely expressing her thoughts. Yukiko denies Shadow Yukiko's claims, and tells her that she is not her. Fueled by Yukiko's denial, Shadow Yukiko transforms into a bird and attacks the party. Her shadow takes the form of a large red bird with Yukiko's face and hair, sitting in a cage with a summonable shadow dressed like the jack of cards below.

This represents her feelings of entrapment from inheriting the inn and her desire to be rescued from that fate by a "dashing prince" since she feels too weak to do so herself.

The trio eventually manages to fend off the shadow, and with Yukiko eventually willing to face herself, the shadow transforms into Konohana Sakuyabecoming Yukiko's Persona. Shadow Yukiko absorbs fire attacks and she can summon Prince Charming who is weak to ice attacks and strong against wind attacks.

It is generally advisable to only attempt to challenge Shadow Yukiko when the party members are at least Level 14, where Yosuke gets Sonic Punch and Chie gets Mabufu, which will be extremely useful in keeping the Charming Prince down while still being able to contribute to overall DPS.

persona 4 yukiko castle boss

It is highly recommended for the protagonist to bring a fire resistant Persona OrobasOberon and Senri are the best candidates for the battle and have the ability Red Wall to protect Chie from Agi and "Burn to Ashes. It is also recommended for the protagonist to have a Persona with Media to assist Yosuke with healing While it may take some work, Senri leveled up to Level 11 can have Media and has immunity to fire, making her the optimal candidate for healing here. If Media is not available, consider investing in some medicine.

About pieces will usually suffice for any difficulty, but feel free to bring more if you aren't too confident. Note that Shadow Yukiko has a somewhat above-average critical-hit rate, so her physical attacks are very prone to causing critical hits, casting Sukunda on her is never a bad strategy, as so to reduce her chances of landing a successful attack. Casting Rakunda on Shadow Yukiko, which is readily available on Izanagi, will also help keep the fight less dragged-down.

It is advisable you keep it on her as much as possible. Performing a fusion using Orobas and Ghoul on April 23rd will generate an Oberon with Rakunda, which can easily serve the same purpose while keeping the protagonist resistant to fire. If a Berith is fused on April 28th, the last day where Yukiko can be saved, the Fusion Forecast will give it Mabufu, allowing the protagonist to have immunity to Fire and access to an Ice skill.

Charming Prince can heal Shadow Yukiko, although this usually happens very rarely as he is more focused on attacking and casting Sukukaja, as well as instilling fear in the party members, so that Shadow Yukiko may deal major damage with "Shivering Rondo". While the Charming Prince is in battle, it's best to have Chie use Mabufu to both knock it down and do damage to Shadow Yukiko, and then use the One More gained to either guard or assist the party.Steamy Bathhouse is a dungeon in Persona 4.

It is the reality within the Midnight Channel created by Kanji Tatsumi. The dungeon is a male-exclusive sauna, with its entrance being a changing room, although Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi break the rules in order to save Kanji. The Steamy Bathhouse appeared in the Midnight Channel after Kanji's disappearance, which occurred after Kanji was shown on TV, in a documentary about biker gangs. Initially, Teddie could not detect the dungeon's location, hinting at a failing sense.

To help Teddie locate it, the party had to seek out information about Kanji around Inaba ; first they need to get a lead from his mother at the textile shop, then talk to a shopper in Junes Department Store near the elevator. The next day, they need to return to Junes and talk to the slender boy Kanji had been seen hanging around with. In the dungeon, on the 11th floor, Kanji is seen with his shadowa much less clothed version of himself.

His shadow laments the fact that Kanji is seen as a creep by the girls at his high schooland says that he really prefers men. Kanji doesn't accept this, which starts the boss fight. His shadow transforms into a mostly nude version of himself, surrounded by a bed of roses holding two Mars symbols. After the boss fight, Kanji still doesn't accept his shadow's sexual preferences.

Rather, Kanji admits to being fearful of being rejected by the other kids — both guys and girls. He then gains his initial PersonaTake-Mikazuchi.

The dungeon's extra boss, the Intolerant Officercan be fought on the 11th floor of the dungeon from June 7th onward.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Egotistical Kings summon Monopolizing Cupids when they are hurt. Wondrous Magus can appear as a red shadow as early as floor 5. Steamy Bathhouse Entrance in The Animation. Persona 4.It first becomes available on April 17th, and must be cleared by April 29th.

If you see a shadow walking around, hit it with your weapon to enter battle. If you need more tips on battling, see the Combat page. All the floor layouts in this dungeon are randomized.

Fight as many shadows as you can to level up for the Boss Battles ahead. If you get hurt, use items or Yosuke's Dia Skill to recover health in or out of battle.

Below is a list of enemies you may encounter within the Castle, arranged by the floor you will encounter them upon from the lowest floor to highest. The second floor of Yukiko's Castle contains the first boss battle of the dungeon. Make sure you're healed up before opening the door.

persona 4 yukiko castle boss

Have Yosuke use Garu while he can. If you picked up a Persona that has the Garu ability, team up with Yosuke to make things go much quicker. Using a Wind attack will down Shadow Chie, allowing you to use an all-out attack.

If this happens, resort to physical attacks, party buffs, and enemy de-buffs. Shadow Chie may also use Mazio, an electric attack that will knock down Yosuke. She usually uses it when Green Wall wears off on the third turn. To survive the attack, have Yosuke guard himself before Chie's third turn. Win the battle to rescue and team up with Chie.

The game will return you to the real world after the boss battle, and the Fool Social Link will establish. This item will allow you to return to the entrance of the castle without having to walk all the way back. Enter the castle and make your way to the top. Remember to use the Dia Skill in or outside of battle to restore HP.

persona 4 yukiko castle boss

When you reach the fifth floor, you may notice something weird. The floor will send you back a short distance. When this happens, start walking the opposite direction and open which ever door is nearby. The east door contains the next boss battle. Avenger Knight is the toughest boss yet.

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